• Book One: Quillblade
• Book Two: Beast Child

Short Fiction

• “There Have Always Been Five,” The Read Book: An Anthology of South Australian Creative Writing, ed. by Tim Silk, Wakefield Press

Book Reviews

• Zach Jones’ Growing Up in Flames, Carl Nugent’s Sugar, and Allayne L Webster’s That Thing I Did, ABR (forthcoming)

• Kate Hendrick's Fish Out of Water, Philip Gwynne's The Break, and Mark Smith’s If Not Us, ABR (Dec 2022)

• Asphyxia’s Future Girl, Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner’s The Other Side of the Sky, and Charlie Archibold’s Indigo Owl, ABR (Dec 2020)

• Cassandra Austin’s All Fall Down, ABR (May 2017)

• James Bradley’s The Change Trilogy: The Silent Invasion, ABR (April 2017)

• Lian Hearn’s The Tale of Shikanoko: Emperor of the Eight Islands, ABR (June 2016)

• Isobelle Carmody’s The Red Queen, ABR (March 2016)

• Elisabeth Murray’s The Loud Earth, ABR (May 2014)

• John Harwood’s Asylum, ABR (July—August 2013)

• Catherine Jinks’ A Very Unusual Pursuit: City of Orphans, Book One and Tim Hehir’s Julius and the Watchmaker, ABR (June 2013)

• Richard Harland’s Liberator, ABR (Sept 2011)

• Margo Lanagan’s Yellowcake and Isobel Carmody & Nan McNab (eds.) The Wilful Eye, ABR (May 2011)

• SD Gentill’s Chasing Odysseus, ABR (Apr 2011)

• Kirstyn McDermott’s Madigan Mine, ABR (Dec 2010-Jan 2011)

• Garth Nix’s The Keys to the Kingdom: Lord Sunday, ABR (June 2010)

• Justine Larbalestier’s Liar, ABR (Dec 2009—Jan 2010)

• Barry Maitland’s Dark Mirror, ABR (Sept 2009)

• Garth Nix’s The Keys to the Kingdom: Superior Saturday, ABR (Dec 2008—Jan 2009)

• Simon Higgins’ Tomodachi: The Edge of the World, and Andrew Matthews’ The Way of the Warrior, Viewpoint 16.1 (Autumn 2008)

Non Fiction

• “Alchemic Heroes,” Anime and Philosophy, ed. by Josef Steiff and Tristan Tamplin (Chicago and La Salle, Illinois: Open Court Publishing, 2010)

• “Barthes’ Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy VII and the Writerly Text,” Final Fantasy and Philosophy, ed. by Jason P Blahuta and Michel S Beaulieu (Oxford and New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009)

• “Predictable Plots and Secondary Worlds: Teaching Creative Writing through Modern Fantasy,” The Creativity and Uncertainty Papers: The refereed proceedings of the 13th conference of the Australian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP, 2008)